#ThursdayThoughts – Bag-like Critters

I do remember humans being called “Ugly bags of mostly water” once. (…) Well to be honest, the reconstructions do make it look like bag and since there is no anus, the marine water flows in the mouth and possibly out through one of the holes on the top or sides… making it an “Ugly bag of mostly water”. So why do we care about this? Well as mentioned, this is likely one of our oldest known ancestors.

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Women in Paleontology Webinar- Series 2

Instead of talking about some randomness about dinosaurs or fossils that I found neat or interesting, I thought I would talk about the webinar I watched yesterday a little bit. Yesterday during the mental health awareness campaign (sorry for the mindless tweets and ‘shout-outs’ to raise money), I mentioned that women in STEM programs are at a disadvantage compared to their male counterparts when it comes to moving forward in their studies and careers. This is due to many factors and only through educating others and advocating for equal pay and respect can we make a difference.

Well, yesterday was also the start of the Series 2 webinars on myfossil.org which I enjoy watching to learn extra skills and gain insight into the professional world of paleontologists. What makes series 2 so special for me is that it is dedicated to shining a spotlight on women

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Throwback Thursday -Remember when dinosaurs roared?

The first time I read that dinosaurs probably squawked or sounded like large species of birds, I laughed. A lot. I dismissed it quite easily. It seemed ridiculous and besides, how could we really know what they sounded like? Soft tissue does not preserve as easily as bones. What proof was there? Then as I studied evolution deeper in university I realized, what proof was there that dinosaurs roared ferociously then?

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